Pastor Lucas Cook
Sunday mornings 10:00 am
1st and 3rd Friday night service 7:00 pm, Bible study 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.
Missions Around the World


Missions Around the World

Senior Pastor Lucas Cook & Co-Pastor Ranita Cook

God implanted the vision of Missions Around the World in the hearts of Pastor Lucas and Ranita Cook in 2001. To fulfill the vision of MATW, they have traveled to South Africa nine times, feeding and clothing numerous people and holding multiple tent crusades; seeing many souls saved and set free. Recently, MATW has been busy assisting an orphanage building project in Durban, South Africa, that feeds over 200 children daily and facilitates the housing of 36.

Pastor Lucas preaches anointed Word-of-God sermons here at Faith Outreach and Ranita is co-pastor and worship leader. Ranita is employed in Bridgewater, Virginia at a major distribution center. The couple enjoy their time riding a VTX 1800 Honda motorcycle, taking in the beautiful surrounding countryside. Lucas enjoys golfing in his spare time and Ranita enjoys her pets. Lucas and Ranita have been married since 1986 and live in Mt. Solon, Virginia.







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