Pastor Lucas Cook
Sunday mornings 10:00 am
1st and 3rd Friday night service 7:00 pm, Bible study 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.
Men's Ministry Vision and Mission


What are the needs of our Men?

  • They need to see the masculine side of God
  • They need to develop trust in order to share openly
  • They need to get into the Word
  • They need to be committed

What are the needs of the men in our Community?

  • poverty
  • dysfunctional families
  • men know about God but do not have a relationship with him

What do we want to accomplish (vision)?

  • see men get saved - reach men for Christ
  • Discipline one another
  • Helping men be men - do we know how to be men today - model biblical masculinity
  • Internally at first, then the world
  • Understand male leadership from a biblical perspective
  • Lead in commitment to the church
  • Lead in building relationships
  • Lead to service
  • Lead in participation - internal and external
  • Advance Christ's kingdom

We are leading men to refuge in Christ through:

Christ-centered relationships (ps 91:2, 14-16)

How will we accomplish this?

  • Make connectionsh/bond - gather/discover information about each other
  • Through service projects/workdays, events and activities with low or minimal spiritual content
  • Through meals
  • Through events with specific spiritural content
  • Through mentoring
  • Through small groups
  • Build a team of men working together to carry out the Great Commission

We will accomplish this though events designed to create, capture, and sustain spirital momentum in the lives of our men. Building relationships woll be the key to encouraging men on each of these levels.

How will we measure the results?

  • Increase commitment - involvement
  • Visible improvements in the lives of our men
  • Commitment
  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • Desire to be together
  • Increased level of spiritual interest and commitment amoung our men
  • Increased attendence in the church
  • Desire to be a part of small groups. We will mark progress by changed lives in our men: response to outreach and discipleship: opportunities and life styles that reflect the Lordship of Christ in their homes and neighborhood and our church, community, and on the mission field.

What is our purpose (mission)?

  • Evangelize
  • Build relationships
  • Fellowship, leadership, mentorship
  • God to lead the way in making a positive difference in men's lives through Christ - Centered relationships, discipleship and service beginning at home and expanding to our neighborhoods, community, and the world

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